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Why is it important to report SCE during sports?

Since a genetic component may be involved in SCE, first degree relatives of SCE victims are strongly recommended to have their own risk evaluated through specialised tests. Once we know of a new case, we will be able to provide all pertinent information to his/her family.
Furthermore, to date Luxembourg does not possess a regular data base on cardiac problems during sports activities. With your help, we will be able to improve prevention of SCE in sports.

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How to react in case of a sudden cardiac arrest:

Check if the victim and yourself are in a safe place. Call 112 in case of any emergency and give the following information: State your name, the call location (city, street number, residence, floor) where the victim is located. Indicate the status of the victim (unconscious, not breathing, colorless skin). Do not hang up straight away, but follow the operator’s instructions and answer his questions.

Lay the victim on his back on a hard surface. Kneel beside the victim and position your hands, one over the other, in the middle of the chest between the breasts, arms are outstretched. Press hard with the weight of your body. Plunge your hands each time you press +/- 5-6 cm in the chest and then release completely between each chest compression. Perform CPR respecting a rate of 120 compressions per minute. If you have been trained, you can practice rescue breaths (mouth-to-mouth) at the rate of 2 breaths every 30 compressions. Continue CPR until the patient wakes up or until help arrives.

If another witness is next to you, send him to get the defibrillator that is located nearby. Very easy to use, this device guides you step by step and ensures safe operation. Take the device, open the lid and continue resuscitation according to the instructions of the defibrillator until help arrives. A list with the locations of automated external defibrillators in the Grand Duchy is available on

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